Creating novel materials from waste feathers e.g. Pluumo – a sustainable thermal packaging material designed to replace expanded polystyrene used during food deliveries


Eco-friendly, reusable smart bags used in conjunction with an online shopping platform which empowers buyers to promote, pick and purchase from brands who are kind to people and the planet.


Next generation non toxic adhesive for wood panel industry, packaging, medical devices, cosmetics and other niche applications.


Tech-enabled reusable lunchbox scheme to reduce single-use packaging waste from the food-to-go industry.


Help organisations reduce carbon emissions through community engagement and personal action.


Innovative, sustainable packaging and paper that’s kind to the planet using renewable sources—like sugarcane waste


Paints and textile powders from pigments derived from plant and food waste.

Stay Sixty

Award winning reusables designed to create a more sustainable everyday through a beautiful aesthetic & engineering innovation

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