Peer Learning

Supporting each other to deliver results

The Better Futures Programme with all of its components, will be delivered three times over 20 months until March 2023.
The first programme starts in January 2022.

Following on from the webinars, the peer learning sessions will bring together business leaders to share ideas, discuss common challenges and experiences resulting in actionable ideas.

Attendees will be trained how to successfully own, participate and co-facilitate these sessions. Peer-based learning is a self-directed collaborative approach to skill development where peers meet in small learning groups that follow a structured learning framework.

Participants will have a straightforward toolkit and framework to follow based on the ‘Self Organised Learning Environments’ (SOLE) approach rolled out internationally by the Peer Learning Institute. With light touch support, business leaders will facilitate their own conversations, present their own challenges for group discussion – shared privately and  off-the-record.

Peer Learning Groups take place fortnightly following the webinar.

SOLE: A structured, safe environment designed to support a collaborative approach to problem solving, knowledge sharing and learning.

This support is eligible to London-based businesses with:

at least two full time employees
a turnover between £100K – £43 million

The Better Futures+ programme is funded by the Mayor of London’s Green New Deal and the London Business Hub to support
London’s journey to Net Zero

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