A bespoke business to business sharing marketplace for London

To promote an ethos of Circular Economy in London, Better Futures is partnering with FLOOW2 to launch a bespoke business to business trading platform: Parksharing in London.

This will provide Better Futures+ SMEs with free access to a marketplace to rent out or loan services and products to other businesses and potentially also sell excess materials. 

SMEs in Europe currently use these digital platforms to sell, rent, trade, swap or give away anything within their business – equipment, services, supplies, resource, facilities, knowledge, waste and materials. And we are bringing it to London!

The result is an optimised supply and demand marketplace.

The Parksharing marketplace will help to reduce wasted capacity and relieve pressure and costs associated with storage and traditional waste management practices.

Better Futures+ SMEs can ‘trade’ with fellow members of the platform, local authorities and other trusted partners in the network. By optimising usage of capacity already available we enable significant cost savings and at the same time work towards a more sustainable economy.

This support is eligible to London-based businesses with:

at least two full time employees
a turnover between £100K – £43 million

The Better Futures+ programme is funded by the Mayor of London’s Green New Deal and the London Business Hub to support
London’s journey to Net Zero

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