A little extra for more impact

The Better Futures Programme with all of its components, will be delivered three times over 20 months until March 2023.

80 businesses will be eligible to apply to spend half a day with a specialist environmental sustainability consultant to perfect their net zero transition plans.

The applications will be reviewed by the Better Futures+ panel and the SMEs selected on a case-by-case basis, depending on their needs and potential impact.

Successful applicants may then be further considered to become one of London’s Net Zero Heroes.

Apply now for the chance to receive bespoke help to find quick wins and increase your impact.

This support is eligible to London-based businesses with:

at least two full time employees
a turnover between £100K – £43 million

The Better Futures+ programme is funded by the Mayor of London’s Green New Deal and the London Business Hub to support
London’s journey to Net Zero

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