Carbon Footprint Measurement

Partnering with Climate Essentials for fast, easy and accurate capture

The Better Futures Programme with all of its components, will be delivered three times over 20 months until March 2023.
The first programme is now full and underway. Pre-register for the next on starting in May 2022.

Climate Essentials is the official partner calculator for Better Futures+. 
The online tool, makes climate action easy as it provides a dynamic carbon footprint analysis by sector, scope and business activity.

Once your baseline is measured you can easily plan and track how to reduce your emissions. The tool provides a comprehensive reduction strategy whilst also generating reports that can be shared with third parties (funders, customers, local authorities etc). 

Your footprint is needed as it will provide the foundation for the work you will do in the programme’s webinars and workshops.

This support is eligible to London-based businesses with:

at least two full time employees
a turnover between £100K – £43 million

The Better Futures+ programme is funded by the Mayor of London’s Green New Deal and the London Business Hub to support
London’s journey to Net Zero

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