The Zero Carbon Business Leadership Programme

Getting you ready with practicable and easy tips to get you to Net Zero

The Better Futures Programme with all of its components, will be delivered three times over 20 months until March 2023.
The first programme starts in January 2022.

The Zero Carbon Business Leadership Programme is designed for SME leaders and packed with practical advice from how to measure your carbon footprint and reduce emissions to how to promote what you’re doing to win more customers.

Drawing on the most-cutting edge approaches to business innovation, the content is tailored to meet your needs with useful, uncomplicated information delivering easy-to-implement actions so busy CEOs can dive straight in and start making a difference now.

The programme will consist of eight webinars with guest speakers that provide expert advice and present real-life case studies.  Our experts include business owners talking about their own, recent experiences as well as consultants and suppliers. The content will focus on high impact, quick wins and give concrete evidence of the benefits for businesses aiming to become carbon neutral.

The weekly webinar series will start on Wednesday 19th January 15:00 – 15:45.

The Webinar programme will cover:

1. Getting started with your business’ carbon footprint.
Featuring Climate Essentials measurement tool.

2. Integrating net zero into your business purpose and strategy.

3. Operations & Energy – understanding the different scopes of emissions.
Featuring Beond and Oak Network.

4. Supply Chain & Procurement – the opportunities for influence.  Featuring Gabrielle Ginér, BT’s Head of Sustainability.

5. Responsible product & service design and innovation.

6. How your people & communities can support your green goals

7. Green Finance – what is it and how can SMEs get it?
Featuring Alastair Brown, HSBC’s Head Of Corporate Banking, South and
West London

8. Marketing – shout about your efforts and successes to win customers.
Featuring Dr Greg Lavery, Rype Office (sustainable office furniture).

The webinars will be recorded and made available online for on-demand access

This support is eligible to London-based businesses with:

at least two full time employees
a turnover between £100K – £43 million

The Better Futures+ programme is funded by the Mayor of London’s Green New Deal and the London Business Hub to support
London’s journey to Net Zero

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